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Saturday, February 6, 2010 @ 2:39 AM , Bye baby ! Hi adults !

OH ! my baby teeth-s are gonna be extinct soon ! :(
i broke 2 teeth(s) ytd, and ohmy, thy broke while i was eating my favourite chocolate noodles -.- BLOOOD ! its just like as if im drinking it .

you all noticed that i always mentioned 'oh(s)' in my wordings and stuffs. COS I LOVE THE WORD 'OH' ! xD im sure those celebrities will go gaga over it . mwahah!

YES ! im now in tumblr . ppl! do relink me okay. im not using blogger anymore :) im too lazy to edit stuffs ! :DD i'll let it go plain in my tumblr . ok ok ~
click the url below thr to visit yeah ~


REMEMBER I LOVE YOU ALL KAY . xD do relink me okay ~

Friday, February 5, 2010 @ 4:17 PM , Oh yes!

Hey peepo ! ITS BEEN A LONG TIME YEA . oh how i felt during in class was so boring . i rather go back home -.- mwhaha . Ytd was the best day ever okay. IM SO FREE ! haha. first had art lesson , made those core values for our 6K class . WOOH ! in my group im the only one who drew the W-I-S-E word 0.0

oh it was so fun during art lesson and guess wht ? mdm ngiam printed our pictures liao ! and its so amazing that she made it into a banner . okay, not in cyber's banner tht type . its the real life large banner ! OHWELL , MY PIC TURNED OUT CANDID . -.- i didnt know tht mdm ngiam was snaping those pictures . so i just have a weird looking face :(

HA-HA ! i love 6k accept for that B.O busok . oh, janice you may have remembered him too right ? HAHA. he suck . she sat beside me during english lessons . OHMYGOSH . ughh, i hate it okay . especially after recess-es .he sweat like pig does.

Ohkay, after school stayed back for awhlie cos quite hungry . so ate, then when saw janice and wanjing they drank this ultimate drink called 'grass jelly' and it looked quite refreshing when thy drank it . so decided to try it too . IT TURNED OUT NICE okay . its so sweet ! oh haha.

oh well , i gtg soon. later 9am got tuition . BYEE PEEPS.

Saturday, January 23, 2010 @ 10:24 PM , Hiatus.

I made it like old type LOL. xD
huahahaha , since you know im on Hiatus . Sorry readers & close friends like rabbito,cherrie,janice,taggers and newmates ! (and more)
oh i hope you guys wont forget me yeah . ohyes, ytd went to shop at Forever 21 i saw lots of pink-prom-dresses ! woo, they totally sparked me out :D but those are alittle bit too cheap-skate . well, so bought the ribbon satin pink dress instead :( idc. its still my fave hehe.

saw the goldy bow headband which sis craved for, but wtv .i ignore it before sis found out, i told her to accompany me to the ladie's ,LOL.. then ate sakura YUMM . i love the eggtim&lemon spicy chicken :O i want it moreeee and again !

okay, i gtg ppl . seeyouu next time !
i'll inform you guys if im back yups. and yes, do tag more !
and ..i'll be onlining MSN and will only update my twitter yup . so, do follow me at : aaluvs :D
and, if you are interested in my tweets, you can look at my daily tweets ! at the side , above tagboard.
byeeeee . (i might consider changing my blogskin after Hiatus.)

link exchange - closed for the mean time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010 @ 12:45 AM , Hey.

Hi its gonna be short post alright . Later night going BBQ-ing :D mum alr marinated the chicken wings and stuffs ! OMG, soo excited ! ^^ haha, done the wtv art coin design thing.

GAHHHH, tagboard skin ready ^^ ohwell, see! mwahahha ~ its best viewed in google chrome/mozilla firefox. i've tried in IE, but it was soo ruined -.-' Im so excited for tmr, and i dont know why == ohwell these days im so down okay ^.~ KNOW WHT ?

my previous tuition the FATTY BOM BOM girl come to my current tuition =.= oh wth ! she suck okayy . so smelly ~ UGHHH, why did she end up here ?-.- ohyes, this post nvr use emoticons okay. cos got some probos . okay ~ fatty bom bom , why you come arh ? UGHH. wtv !

okay . im not so gonna post alot these days. im so busy with MY HOMEWORK. i hate it okay. mr yii's begining to give us lots and lots of bundles of homeworks . and plus mdm koh too. and mr michael(my tuition teacher) . Ohemmgee, im so excited, lol ! -.-

wth . kept on saying excited excited excited. LOL! omg i said tht again ~.~
okay. gtg ^^^

Thursday, January 14, 2010 @ 11:49 PM , ohwell .

Today after school went back home and changed. and bused to Shanice's house. gahh ! we were actually supposed to party &chill thr ok! But then, omg! got this 'karanguni' man ask for newspapers or such , lol.

then wtf, shanice told him she had no newspapers. then suddenly he told Shanice 'big house,rich, so selfish one ah?!' we all was like LOL . then , shanice told him tht she wasnt selfish .

its just tht she had no newspapers . MWAAHHA. then Emily told the karanguni man to try asking for them at other ppl's house . then he told her tht she is so rude to an elder. HAHA . err, we selttled with him about 30 mins , omg . so looong yep. ohwell, we were scared he would come again . so we want to Macdonald

we ate ate , chat chat . then went to meera's house the playground thr . slacked. ughh , Emily's mum so stupid go ask her come back alr . then she leaved us . so left with 3 of us . ohwell . thats quite all actually . then saw Syafiq, lol! so cool one meh ? he hold his mum's hands , haha ~ he oso like acting cute infront of his mum . MWAHAH. he saw me too, then he like surprised ==
SURPRISE MUCH ? haha, then 3pm back to home .

ohwell, evil monster was so eew today! she's so infuriating okaaaaaaaaay .

@ 2:50 AM , Hilo .

Hey. updated my tweets ! I WANT GOLD PINK FAKE NAILS OKAAAAY . :(( i want it badly ........ and i want LG cookie white/pink too .

ILOVETHEM OK . saw Adlyn at school toilet today . haha , she called my name , LOL. i was just back from Monitor's training and to supp . and ohwell, back to that COLD ROOM
omg , HOMEWORKS ! homeworks ~~ know the meaning of that ? ughhhhh . i hate it . and i swear im so gonna not do it . its MATHS okay ! so complicated .
im lame . i know tht . and guess wht ? evil monster story is back ! ohmyyy ~ ughh . i hate tht creature . and peiming even heard what that creature told me ~~~ I HATE THAT STUPID CREATURE .

okie, i'll just talk about my mum made apple pie . ok, bye~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 @ 10:40 PM , Schedule is full .

weeeeeeeee ~ i made it i made it ! :O the bird , i made it ! LOL xD i think i'll just label my name as ELY cos ELYANA was quite long though . and not yana why ? cos its so old faashioned -.-' okay . KNOW WHT ? IM SO SO SO BUSY Ughh, my schedule is soo full alr .

my time for blogging is only like twice or maybe be even once a week -.- i hate this year okay ! so many things to go . supplementary,tuition , and more ! and for this 3 weeks i still have to go for House pratices which I LOVE HATE IT .

crap ! i will be having monitor's training too i went monitor's training before and its kinda crapish ! i just wish i could use an excuse of having ML supplementary . when i told my MT teacher bout the thingy clashing his supplementary, he told me to go for that thingy
ohwell . time to do my tuition homework .
see,i told you!i have no time to enjoy myself

Hi chicken , welcome to my blog .
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Elyana .
im daddy's little girl who loves talking
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